Transport Solution

With a real-time system GPS, such as that of the Employee Safety and Security System, employees can be assured of their safety at all times of the day. With devices like the panic button in cabs, employees feel safer using office transportation, and their families waiting at home can await their arrival in peace. Existing systems also address the major problem of vehicle dispatching. Analytics tools allow fleet managers to review current trip times, mileage, and scheduled and actual stops to determine how to improve efficiency. With its state-of-the-art systems, Telematics Master Pvt. Ltd offers a wide range of services including management information systems, cost optimization, alerts, etc. With the RFID system installed in each bus, the company can now determine the boarding and alighting times of each employee and driver, thus knowing who is responsible for delays. If an employee goes missing, the company can use RFID to inform investigators where the employee got off and who is responsible for the person’s absence. Next pickup information helps buses notify employees of their drop-off points so no one misses a stop. DigiTrack creates and maintains a fleet database that lets them know when a particular vehicle is due for maintenance and how long a particular manufacturer’s replacement part will last. This helps in creating replacement/spare part schedules in advance and also in selecting the right supplier for spare parts, etc. The bus maintenance function includes inventory and spare parts management, creation of MIS as well as preventive maintenance and roadside assistance.

  • Real-time information about the distance traveled.
  • Lookup of the movements of all taxis/busses.
  • Alerts in case of emergencies.
  • Improving the safety of female employees.
  • Increased comfort for the employees.
  • Employee information system in the cab.
  • Improving the efficiency of the expected arrival time (ETA).
  • Improvement of drivers’ performance and productivity.
  • Safety of employees, especially at night.
  • Visibility of all vehicles and routes simultaneously.
  • Transparency throughout the operation.
  • On-time attendance of employees at the work site.
  • Real-time bus/taxi location information for employees via SMS.
  • RFID-based employee and driver identification.
  • Better utilization of vehicles.
  • Preventive maintenance and roadside assistance.
  • Management of workshops (both internal and external job cards).
  • Detailed reports and analysis according to your requirements.
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