Car Rental Solution

DigiTrack processes enable companies to monitor car rental solutions for their customers 24/7 in real time. Real-time access helps in all types of crisis situations, during times when a change of plans is required, or during the replacement of a vehicle. During nighttime hours, real-time information about the next pickup allows managers to send messages to customers. It also reduces the burden on drivers, as they know the exact routes, which increases the overall efficiency of the vehicle and driver.

Some of the current conditions in the car rental industry may lead to losses for the car rental solution in severe cases and also hinder the overall development of the car rental industry. The main pain points are:

Rental fraud: fraudulent cars are common in the leasing market, and it is often difficult to recover the fraudulent vehicles after the fact, resulting in large economic losses for the leasing company. Rental fraud is a business risk that an operator must face.

Failure to return the vehicle after the expiration date: If the vehicle is not returned after the expiration date, the lessee has no information, which causes problems for the operator’s management and limits the development of the rental company.

Illegal speeding of the rented car: the rented car violates the regulations, such as speeding or turning maneuvers everywhere. Some rental car customers are unfamiliar with the technicalities and road conditions, so it is easy to step on “landmines”; there are also a very small number of drivers who intentionally violate the regulations because they think that the rented car is not their own. An effective means is needed to monitor this type of behavior and hold those responsible accountable.

That is why DigiTrack is here to eliminate your problems related to car rental solutions services and how to track them.

1. Real-time information on distance travelled.
2. Lookup of the movement of all taxis/buses.
3. Alerts in case of emergencies.
4. Improving the safety of female employees.
5. Increased comfort for employees.
6.Employee information system in the cab.
7. Improving efficiency of expected arrival time (ETA).
8. Improvement of drivers’ performance and productivity.
9. Safety of employees, especially at night.
10. Visibility of all vehicles and routes simultaneously.
11.Transparency throughout the operation.

Leased cars drive across borders: the leased vehicles do not adhere to the agreement and do not drive in certain areas or on certain routes, which significantly harms the interests of the car rental companies.

However, if the leasing company installs a GPS tracking device in each car, it will definitely bring great benefits:

1. It will allow the companies to monitor the operation of the vehicles in real time, thus preventing rental fraud and non-return of overdue vehicles;

2. Improve the competitiveness of companies in the market and ensure the safety of the operation (vehicle) property;

3. Reducing the cost of business risks, improving the level of service and strengthening the company;

4. Provide a powerful and effective tool for the management of the current vehicle leasing industry.

Real-time information about the location of the bus/taxi via SMS.
RFID-based customer and driver identification.
Better utilization of vehicles.
Preventive maintenance and roadside assistance.
Management of workshops (both internal and external job cards).
Detailed reports and analysis according to your requirements.

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