Fleet Management System

DigiTrack fleet monitoring service gives you a real-time overview of all your vehicles. Each vehicle equipped with our devices is configured to transmit real-time data at regular intervals. This allows operators to remotely view and analyze information about each vehicle and helps them make strategic decisions.

Alerts DigiTrack for your fleet allows you to configure alerts for different situations. These alerts are triggered as soon as a vehicle violates a predefined rule. The driver receives an immediate notification via email/SMS. Depending on the type of business, alerts can be configured for different factors and parameters. This mainly helps to monitor driver behavior and take timely action in case of emergencies. Fleet maintenance services Fuel monitoring Driver evaluation Tire management Temperature monitoring RFID-based driver identification Advisory services.

  • Spares Count Report.
  • Vehicle Wise spare report.
  • Purchase Order/Indent Report.
  • Brand Report.
  • Air Pressure.
  • Break Adjustment.
  • Distilled Water.
  • Clutch Adjustment.
  • Coolant for Radiator
  • Electrical Checkup

Manage all internal inventory, including purchasing and inventory, which is fully integrated with general ledger accounts, and get an overview of maintenance costs for each vehicle. Make the necessary business decisions about spare parts purchases, inventory costs, vendor selection, vehicle sales, etc., and help your company grow to the next level.

Internal spare parts
  • Internal order cards
  • Spare parts receipts

This feature in FMS helps users manage or record all services performed in external workshops. This leads to greater transparency of the entire process.

  • External spare parts
  • External order card
  • Secured commercial closure
State permit
  • Inspection certificate
  • Emission control details
  • Vehicle tax details
  • National permit
  • Vehicle insurance details

  • License expiration alerts
  • Driver license expiration alerts

Get the maximum benefit from our application. Captures all the information about your fleet inventory and other related details needed to keep a reliable record of your fleet. FMS helps you reduce potential breakdowns and avoid equipment failures that negatively impact your business performance and bottom line. The application is integrated with a complete inventory control system that manages spare parts details.

  • Inventory Master
  • Spare Wise History
  • Provides order and equipment costing
  • Tracking of parts and accessories
  • Scheduling, invoicing and dispatching of jobs
  • Fleet maintenance and job costing
  • Detailed cost accounting
  • Seamless accounting
  • interface Eliminates
  • duplicate tasks
  • Fuel account management
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