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Before the Industrial Equipment Tracking solution, it was impossible to track industrial equipment in the field, but now it is possible; a cost-effective, fully web-based solution has solved the problem and ensures safety and access for field personnel. What the customer has to do is to provide any cell phone with a SIM card to their field staff, and we will manage the rest and provide you with a report of every minute. The use of this module increases the performance of the employees and increases the revenue of the company.

  • Live Vision – Real time location update
  • Map View – Multiple map options
  • History Analysis – Past data and activity of staff
  • Personnel Movement Report – Detailed location information for selected period
  • Hub based alerts and reports – Intelligence w.r.t specific Points of Interest
  • Easy to implement a solution
  • Minimal risk
  • Real-time visibility into asset movement
  • Customizable history view
  • Pro-active alerts
  • Insightful reports
  • Better overall control
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